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We bring our Wood Fired Pizza Trailer to your location!

Using our own fresh made sourdough pizza dough, we will prepare, cook onsite, and serve the pizzas buffet style which gives your guests the option to enjoy several different pizzas and helps maintain a smooth flow of service. 


As the host, and in addition to plain Cheese Pizza, you can choose 4 different pizzas from our menu and you and we will cook those pizzas throughout the event.

Salad is included and additional add on options to include appetizers, dessert, and drinks are available. All plates, utensils, and napkins, other necessary paper products, and buffet tables are also provided.

We also are able to make more basic and familiar pizzas that do not appear on our menu if needed (I.e. A Bride & Groom Signature pizza for weddings, plain pepperoni, sausage & pepperoni, mushroom, etc)

Our minimum required to cater a private event is $1,500.  

We require a 30% deposit to hold and secure your requested event date.  We do have an 18% Service Fee which we use to cover the costs of additional staffing and their tip, and operational expenses associated with set up, etc.

We will arrive at your location 1-2 hours before your requested event time to fire up the oven and set up the buffet station.  Once we start serving, normal serve time continues for about 2 hours. 

Longer serve time and additional staff are available at an additional charge if needed.


We do require an outdoor, flat, level and preferably paved or gravel parking spot.  Unobstructed access in and out is required. The minimum amount of space needed is 12ft x 20ft.  Depending on your location, there may be a travel fee to cover any applicable costs associated with travel to and from your address. Travel fees are $75/hour of travel.

We have both the option to run on electricity or generator.


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